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Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. Impressive stadiums often make it delightful to watch live events of sports.It often interacts us in a unique way.So here are the Top 7 impressive stadiums in the world that will make you feel crazy about it.


1. ALLIANZ ARENA : Impressive stadiums with changing colours.

Allianz Arena Impressive stadiums

Allianz Arena has become an entertaining stadium for German Soccer fans. The stadium looks attractive due to its pretty colours that keeps changing in 30 seconds.

It has a capacity of almost 75,000 spectators. Therefore, it is considered as the second-largest arena in Germany. The exterior is made with inflated ETFE plastic panel as a result it’s the only stadium in the world with full color-changing exterior.

2.FNB Stadium :Impressive stadiums of South Africa

FNB STADIUM  Impressive stadiums

In 2010, FNB held the first-ever Fifa World Cup in Africa. The stadium looks similar to Calabash (resembles to the African pot or gourd). Therefore the stadium has it’s nickname “The Calabash”.

The stadium has hosted its first rugby match. FNB stadium is a home for the Kaizer Chiefs F.C. in the South African Premier Soccer League. Thus its the largest stadium in Africa, with a capacity of 94,736 spectators.

3.LORD’S CRICKET STADIUM: A stadium of gentlemen

LORD'S  CRICKET STADIUM Impressive Stadiums

Lord’s is the Home of Cricket and the world’s oldest sporting museum in St John’s Wood, London.

The ground features a capacity of 30,000 spectators. Lords celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2014. As a result, a 50 overs match was scheduled between MCC 11 led by Sachin Tendulkar and rest of the world XI led by Shane Warne on 5 July 2014.

4.Kaoshiung:Stadium with a cool look

Kaoshiung impressive stadiums

Kaohsiung is one of the unique designs in stadium history. It is the largest and best stadium in Taiwan in terms of its capacity(55,000 spectators). The stadium has semi spiral-shape that looks similar to question mark.

It uses solar energy to provide its power needs.As a result it becomes the first stadium in the world to do so. The solar panels covers the vast external face of the stadium. In addition it generates most of the power for its own operation.

5.Eden Gardens.impressive stadiums amongst the world

Eden Gardens a notable ground of India

Eden Gardens the first officially built cricket ground in India. Eden Gardens is one of the iconic cricket grounds in India . Popularly, known as the “HOME OF INDIAN CRICKET.”Eden is the oldest and second largest cricket stadium in India.

It ranks 3rd in the world after the Sardar Patel Stadium and Melbourne Cricket Ground. The stadium currently has the capacity of 80,000 sectators.Besides it, the first day/night test match took place between India and Bangladesh on 22nd November 2019.

Eden Gardens becomes the second venue to host the World cup .It is the Mecca of Indian Cricket.

6.Bird Nest Stadium:A stadium with a unique structure

Bird nest stadium  impressive stadiums

Bird Nest stadium is the national stadium of Beijing.The stadium is made up of 1,10,000 tons of steel, the largest structure built ever. It has the capacity of 91,000 people. The name defines the structure of the Bird’s nest.

A rainwater collector (based on the 24 hr per day format) is located near the stadium. The water is used throughout and around the stadium.To increase its sigthness eastern and western stands are made higher compared to its northern and southern stands.

Besides it has some temporary large screens installed at the stands of the stadium.Also the stadium will host 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

7.London Aquatics Center:impressive stadiums

London Aquatics Centre a cool swimming pool stadium

The London Aquatics Centre comes with two 50-meter (164-foot) swimming pools and a 25-meter (82-foot) diving pool .It is in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford London.

London Aquatics Centre hosted the main venues of the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summers Paralympics.Generally pools equipped with innovative cameras are present to take action from multiple angles.This venue holds the capacity of 17,500 spectators.

That was all about today. These are the Top 7 Impressive Stadiums In The World.They were really the amazing one. Hence it is good to say that Stadiums are the Home of Sports. Any impressive stadiums to share. Which stadium do you like the most? Do let me know your queries. Share with your family and friends.

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