Top 7 crazy indoor games

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Hello everyone, good to see you again. I hope you have loved my previous blog on the top 5 indoor games. Today we will be talking about different indoors games that will make sure that you spent some quality time with your family and friends. Believe me these games will make you so exciting and enthusiastic. Here are the Top 7 crazy indoor games.

Top 7 crazy indoor games that you must try


Pictionary game Top 7 crazy indoor games

The word itself says a lot. The game is all about the pictures. It’s a very famous and loved game to be played with family and friends. Just take a minute timer, pencils, paper. Then, you are ready to play.

One team gives clues to opponent players where they must draw a visual presentation according to it.The teammates have to guess what the drawing is all about in a given time. It’s a fun activity based on one’s creativity and judgment ability.


Scarbble game : Top 7 crazy indoor games

Want to strengthen your vocabulary? Scrabble suits you the best. This indoor game can be the best way to enjoy leisure time. Just earn points by constructing words with letter tiles by placing them on a grid. (Each letter has a different point value.)

3.Truth or Dare : One of the most interesting and crazy indoor games

Truth or dare game : Top 7 crazy indoor games

Now comes one of the unique and thriller game that you must try. The game is played in a group or with your friends.Go for truth or go for a dare? Well, it depends on you. After your choice, you must perform the task if you go for a dare and answer a question if you go for the truth.


Tambola game : Top 7 crazy indoor games

Tombola is a unique game played with family members or friends. A number(1-90) is called out one at a time, and players strike those numbers out on their tickets. The American version of Tambola is called Bingo but, it’s slightly different from Tambola.

5.Musical chairs

Musical chairs game photo

Add some music in your chairs, here comes the Musical chairs. Generally, music has nothing to do with the chairs, but the game has. You can play this game in your backyard or inside your house. So, spend your quality time with your near and dear ones.

6.Scavenge hunt : one of the most thriller indoor games

Scavenger hunt game photo

Another thriller game comes in front of you.

These games include hidden clues scattered over a large area with good hiding places. Make simple, fun clues with a creative ‘treasure’ at the end.

7.Dart Game:Popular amongst the Top 7 crazy indoor games

Dart game photo

Hit the bullseye. That’s the only thing you can do. Just get a dartboard. The boards are not such big you can hang them on the wall. Invite your friends, laugh, joke, and enjoy the moments while throwing the darts. Make sure that you don’t throw darts anywhere else or on your friends or, it might create a blunder.

So these were the Top 7 crazy indoor games. We humans sometimes don’t remember that we have a life to enjoy. Spending few hours on such games will make your mind calm and fresh and strong bonding with your close ones.

At last I would say,

My Crazy Games, Your Crazy Games, Crazy Games For All!

Comment me which game do you like the most? Do let me know your queries. Any suggestions? Do comment. Share this with your family and friends as I will be back with another unique topic.

Till then, goodbye

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