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Hello everyone. I hope it’s going well on your side.Talking about different sports, you have probably heard about tennis, cricket, badminton, football and so on. But you have probably not come across this sport which I am gonna talk about. So let’s start with “TOP 6 WEIRD SPORTS IN WORLD”. Look out for the 6th sport, which will really make you think about it.



Deepak takraw  weird sports

It is one of the popular sport played in South East Asia. The sport is also known as kick volleyball. What makes this sport weird is that players are allowed to use their feet and head to hit the ball. But these sport will show you unbelievable plays that you have never seen it before.


Shin kicking weird  sports played ever

You might think that how these would become a part of the sport. But the truth is this sport exists. Played in the South of England, the sport has become immensely popular there. So, stuff your trousers with straw, wear a lab coat, and get ready to fight.

Opponents face each other by holding each other’s collar.The fun part is that you have to kick your opponent in the shin(the front part of your leg between your knee and foot)and make your opponent fall on the ground. The third person present over there is the umpire who decides the winner amongst them.

Caber tossing 
 weird sports.

It is one of the original Scottish Highland Games. The rule is that you have to toss the caber(logs) onto its end and have to land in a 12’o clock position.Judges on a hand make a decision if there is a close tie.

The caber (logs) are 19ft 6 inches long and weighs 175lbs(79.4 kg). For one to do so, it requires true strength and explosiveness.

Chess boxing one of the horrific sports.

Chess boxing is a hybrid combat sport. A boxer who can think strategically alternatively a chess player who can throw a punch? The Game starts with an alternate round of boxing and speed chess.

The Strategy of the sport is:

• You have to punch your opponent to death, so he can’t think straight at the chessboard.

Or to confuse with the chess tactics so that they are not concentrating on boxing.

You can win this sport either by knockout or by checkmate what comes first in your way.

Blind soccer  another type of soccer's weird sports.

Want to play soccer with eyes closed? Blind soccer makes you do so. The sport is actually meant for those players who are blind and visually impaired. Blind soccer has now become a part of Paralympic.

Here are some of the rules to play Blind Soccer:

• All players are blindfolded, except the goalkeeper

• The ball is made in such a way that it creates a jingling or rattling sound, so make sure that you listen to it .

. Players have to communicate with each other.

• Make “voy”, “go”, or some similar sound words that are required to say by the players while going towards the ball. It alerts other players about their position.

• A guide provides instructions to the players.

Wife carrying   a weird sports.

Have you ever thought about this sport? Wife carrying is one of the weirdest sport that I can say. It is originated in Finland.

Talking about the game, it is simple. Just carry your wife and cross the obstacles in the fastest possible time.Be aware of your wife’s weight. It must be at least 49kg.

So pick your wife or somebody else wife(at your own risk), as the winner wins his wife’s weight in beer.

So, that was all about the Top 6 weirdest sports in the World.

In my opinion, I would say, EVERY WEIRD SPORT HAS ITS OWN STORY .Got any weird sports to share, comment below. What are your views on the 6th sport? Do let me know your queries. Share with your family and friends.

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