Top 5 most beautiful football stadiums

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Hello everyone. Today I am here with another interesting topic. Football has been the most popular sport so far. The love for this sport has increased eventually, so the demand for big stadiums. Later on, they became the most beautiful stadium in the world. So let’s start with the Top 5 most beautiful football stadiums in the world.

Top 5 most beautiful football stadiums


  • Capacity : 90,000
  • Largest stadium in United Kingdom
  • 2nd largest stadium in Europe

Wimbley National Stadium has a Bowl design structure with 90,000 seats. It the largest stadium in the UK and the second-largest stadium in Europe.

The stadium looks will attract any ones attention to it.

Besides, the stadium composes other events, like major concerts, to provide funding for the construction of the new stadium.

2.OLD TRAFFORD STADIUM : Beautiful stadium of Manchester United

Old Trafford stadium beautiful football stadium
  • Capacity : 74,140
  • 2nd largest stadium in United Kingdom
  • 11th largest stadium in Europe

The stadium truly has a magnificent view and ranks as the second largest club football stadium in the United Kingdom, eleventh largest in Europe.

The Theatre of Dreams is the home ground of Manchester United with a capacity of 74,140 seats.

As per the recent national survey, the stadium has been voted as the most loved stadium in the UK. However, the decision on its expansion seems to be on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

3.CAMP NOU STADIUM: Beautiful football stadiums

Camp nou beautiful football stadiums
  • Capacity : 99354
  • 4th largest stadium in the world
  • Largest stadium in Spain and Europe

Besides, the stadium is the home ground for one of the great football teams, FC Barcelona. Other than football, Camp Nou also hosts major concerts.

Michael Jackson has appeared in the stadium during his Bad World Tour. (9 August 1988).


  • Capacity : 87,523
  • Largest stadium in Mexico.

The stadium is a home for football club Club America and the Mexico national football team. The stadium hosted two FIFA World Cup Finals, first stadium to do so in the football history.

5.THE MARACANA STADIUM : Beautiful football stadium of Brazil.

  • Capacity : 78,838
  • Largest stadium in Brazil
  • 2nd largest stadium in South Africa

Azteca hosted many international sporting competitions, including, Summer Olympics, Fifa World Cup, and so on.

It is one of the notable football stadiums in the world as it is situated in one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil.

The stadium looks cool enough and makes it more noticeable due to the iconic statue of Christo Redentor.

That’s all for today. These are the Top 5 most beautiful football stadiums in the world.Make sure to visit these stadiums ,

As you will witness the heaven on earth.

I hope you liked this blog. Comment on your favourite stadium in the comment section below. Do let me know your queries. Share this blog with your family and friends as I will be back with another interesting topic.

Till then, Good bye.

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