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Hello everyone, I am back again. I hope you loved my blog on TOP 5 adventure sports in the world. So here I am back with other adventure sports that are craziest and risky too. Adventure sports have now become a popular trend. So let’s start with the top 5 Adventure sport in the world-2.


1.BUNGEE JUMPING-A unique adventure sports.

 Bungee jumping Adventure sports

Want to try something different? Then you are in the right place. Bungee jumping is filled with lots of thrills and risks.

A person jumps from a great height with an elastic cord tied around it. It gives you a thrilling experience of freefall for 4-5 seconds.

Usually, launching pads are present on tall structures like a building or crane, a bridge across a deep ravine, or a cliff. Bungee jumping can also be done on a hot-air-conditioning balloon or helicopter.

For a safer side, try to avoid it during monsoons as it may risk putting your lives in death.

2.MOUNTAIN CLIMBING- A risk taking sport activity.

Mountain climbing adventure sports

Love challenges? Then this one is for you. Mountain climbing also is known as mountaineering. The sport is defined by the safe and necessary use of technical skills in mountainous terrain. So make sure you are trained well.

Summer, autumn, spring are considered the best seasons for mountaineering. This season provides a more pleasant atmosphere for mountaineers. Mountaineering awakens the primal survival instincts in you.

3.CAVING- A sport filled with challenges

Caving adventure sports

Caving is one of the most mentally challenging sports, which boosts up your motivation, mental, and physical strength.

The sport is filled with tons of challenges. All you need is the right team with the right equipment that makes this sport safe and enjoyable.

Eventually, caving is meant for outdoor activity or physical exercise. It is good for exploration, similar to mountaineering or diving. Some cavers visit it for physical or biological studies, while others are engaged in cave photography.

4.HAND Gliding -Popular Adventure sports

Handgliding adventure sportsa

Something different from sky diving and paragliding, then hand gliding suits you the best. It is a recreational activity sport, where the pilot has to flight with aircraft known as hand glider. This sport strengthens our amr muscles, improves mental alertness, and reduces stress.

During the flight, we can control the hand glider by shifting body weight in opposition to a control frame.

But the way it looks, it is not easy. You have to solidify your skills to make yourself a perfect hand glider specialist. So look for a qualified, certified, and experienced instructor who will serve you the best quality of training.

5. FLYBOARDING- The popular watersport.

Flyboarding water sport

Tired of skiing? This sport will really make you feel the best. Flyboarding is one of the popular watersports.

You can experience the thrill of being close to the water with the sense of weightless in the air. Besides, it builds your strong immune system with an increase in your white count.

Scientifically, Australia stated that frequent exposure to ocean air might help to clear the lungs. Patients have witnessed it too. The sport was used for the first time in a Bollywood film by Hrithik Roshan name Bang Bang.

Lastly, I must say to you that, at least try to explore one of these sport. I am sure that they will be the great moments of your life.

Adventure is something you must have in your life as a part.


That’s all for today. These are the Top 5 adventure sports in the World-2. I hope you loved this. Comment me your favorite adventure sports below. Anything I missed? Do comment. Also, let me know your queries. Share this blog with your family and friends, as I will be back with another interesting topic. Till then, Goodbye.

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