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Hello everyone, Myself Vijay bawakar. I am a blogger, content writer, video editor, and most importantly, am a sports enthusiast that makes me the CEO and founder of sportstera.com.

Talking about my field, I meant to it. Having sports in an individual’s life makes a lot of difference in your physical appearance, your mindset towards your life. Sports have taught me a positive approach to life. I will define life as sports. Today’s era needs to be more involved in this field.

Being a sporting person, I have come with the idea of introducing you to the world of sport, and the Internet is the best place where I can digitally attract you. People have have their busy schedules, stuck up with their late-night work, having a bad day,etc. They may imagine how sports can contribute to their life? It can make your day worse to better, release all stress hormones, and get you a good smile on your face.

Probably I am not a typical kind of instructor who will instruct you which sport you must prefer or which one you should not.Here you will be welcome to different kinds of sports, about their importance and many more. Surprisingly, with lots of facts and stats.

So you must have a good source of knowledge regarding sports. What if you will be inspired or excited to go for it? The world is taking a new direction, and so sports. So here you are with the best page from the world of sports.

That’s what my tagline justifies,

A wise choice for sports buff